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Brief introduction of clay sand production line

Clay wet sand is shaped (core) sand with bentonite as binder. It has a wide range of sources, low price, casting sand after treatment can be used repeatedly, suitable for mass production, is the main way of casting production at present.
Significance of clay sand regeneration

 On molding sand
effectively remove the dead clay and other micro powder in molding sand; Reduce the amount of water added to molding sand; Make the distribution of sand particle size distribution more uniform; Reduce the pollution of molding sand by new sand and control the total amount of porcelain film; Reduce the amount of new sand; The temperature of molding sand is reduced

 For casting quality
improve the surface finish; Reduce reject rate; Sand treatment system is mainly composed of falling sand, screening cooling, old sand storage and regeneration, sand mixing unit, lifting and conveying, dust removal system and electronic control system
High yield
High dimensional accuracy
The surface is smooth
The process is simple
Characteristics of sand treatment
 high yield
The yield of casting is generally greater than or equal to 92%, up to 96-98% in higher cases.

the surface is smooth
It is 2-3 grades higher than ordinary clay sand mold, and the surface roughness can reach R12.5

high dimensional accuracy
Due to the high strength of molding sand, the dimensional accuracy of casting is 2 levels higher than that of general tidal sand, up to IT8-10, the subsequent processing allowance can be reduced, and the tool wear is small.

the process is simple, easy to control, high efficiency. Suitable for the production of a variety of castings.

The main equipment of clay sand line: falling drum, crusher, magnetic separator, fine hexagonal screen, boiling cooling bed, disc feeder, bucket elevator, belt conveyor, rotor sand mixer, etc.
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