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Qingdao Dingli Machinery Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production of foundry machinery and equipment, mainly producing foundry clay sand, resin sand, coated sand, wet sand drying, lost mold, sodium silicate sand processing equipment, can undertake all kinds of mechanical sand processing design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and other turnkey projects...
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why do we need to use Thermal regeneration roaster

The body of the coated sand roaster is provided with a combustion chamber, the body is installed with an igniter towards the combustion chamber, including a feed chamber fixed on the upper side of the body, the upper side of the combustion chamber is communicated with the feed chamber, the side of the combustion chamber away from the feed chamber is connected with a waste heat packet, the waste heat packet is connected with the exhaust pipe; The feeding chamber is provided with a baffle passage, and the side wall of the feeding chamber is provided with a preheating channel communicated with the exhaust pipe; The preheating chamber is communicated with the exhaust pipe. , the exhaust gas from the combustion chamber is sent to the feeding chamber to preheat the sand, and the sand with a certain temperature enters the combustion chamber, which can reduce the heat consumption in the combustion chamber, thus reducing the use of natural gas and reducing the roasting cost of sand.

why do we need to use Resin sand mixing machine?

The Resin sand mixing machine is one of the most important machines in foundry industry. It is mainly used for coating sand and core sand. The machine can also be used for other purposes such as mixing plaster, mortar and concrete. The machine is very easy to operate and it can save a lot of time and energy.

what is the meaning of the Resin sand production line?

The meaning of a Resin sand production line is that it is a line used to produce resin-coated sand. This type of sand is used in various industries, such as the foundry industry, for molding and casting metals. The resin-coated sand production line typically consists of several steps, including mixing the sand with the resin, curing the mixture, and then cooling and packaging the finished product.

what is the meaning of the Industrial dust removal equipment?

The Industrial dust removal equipment is the device that helps to collect the dust from the air in the industry. It is used to purify the working environment and protect the workers from inhaling the harmful particles. There are different types of Industrial dust removal equipment available in the market.



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