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Brief introduction of thermal coated sand regeneration 
and coated production line
Coated sand casting coated sand body is a kind of high quality of precoated sand selected natural sand for sand base, with special properties of the resin coated system and optimal technology, according to the technical requirements of different users, aiming at room temperature performance, high temperature performance, melting, liquidity and casting surface roughness, etc, the perfect combination, Widely used in automobile engine, diesel engine, hydraulic parts and other industries.
Product features

 vibration sand cleaning, high strength, low gas generation, low expansion
good slack, high casting surface finish shell type layer, good thermal stability, good thermal conductivity, good fluidity, casting surface smooth
high strength, high temperature resistance, low expansion, good demoulding, good sand resistance
the shell layer is uniform, no peeling, fast curing speed

The hot coated sand process is to preheat the sand to a certain temperature, add the resin to melt, stir the resin coated on the surface of the sand, add urotropium aqueous solution and lubricant, cooling, crushing, screening coated sand.
Technology is introduced
Coated sand used sand roasting Department
After the casting is vibrated, the waste sand is concentrated in the sand box and transferred to the film-covered sand workshop by forklift.
The waste sand is manually shoveled into the roasting line vibration crusher for crushing, screening and dust removal and then stored in the old sand storage bin.
Reclaimed sand roasting
Shakeout broken sand after hoist ascension into the broken screen after removal of impurities into the reserve sand storehouse for a certain amount of reserves, reserves below the mouth is equipped with pneumatic damper, pneumatic gate connecting hoist, broken after hoist raise good sand into the roaster at the top of the buffer pool, pool equipped with spiral feeder, below is used for quantitative uniform accurate sent to roaster in sand, Then enter the roaster of sand by the chamber of a stove or furnace after above 650 ℃ high temperature roasting, out of the sand mouth after evenly into the boiling cooling cooling bed, and after cooling of the roasting sand by elevator ascension into the sieve, sieve into a suitable mesh (70/140), remove the impurities, then through ascension into the final roasting sand hoist ChuBeiCang reserves, There is a spiral feeder under the storage bin, which is used for the connection with the laminating department, which greatly saves the manual link and realizes the automatic connection.
Laminating process
The automatic process and equipment flow of coated sand is as follows. The coated sand production line first makes two sand bins respectively for the recycled sand no. 1 bucket and the new original sand no. 2 bucket under the design of two pneumatic switches. According to the process needs, the recycled sand and the original sand need to be dropped into the electronic scale below. The raw sand and reclaimed sand are quickly added into the drum heating furnace through the normally open elevator after electronic weighing and matching, and the second process takes 20S. The sand in the drum heating furnace is heated about 2min30s, and the sand is unloaded into the sand mixing machine at the appropriate heating temperature, and the drum is in a reverse state. When the unloading of sand is completed, the drum stops from reverse state and turns back to smooth rotation, and then the second cycle begins to heat. The sand put into the sand mixing machine starts to add resin after (15s). The resin electronic scale below the resin weighs the reserve gas cylinder moving door, and closes after adding. Resin at the top of the two resin reserve bucket ratio (no need to use a bucket of resin can also) respectively by the screw feeder to join the electronic says in need of resin, resin weighing after the completion of the spiral feeder stop, resin electronic said start open the door, into the bucket weighing good reserves in waiting for the signal to the next, after mixing 50-70 - s methenamine, At this time, the signal is transmitted to the metering pump (time metering) to add a certain amount, and then the calcium powder is mixed 40-60 seconds later. After receiving the signal, the calcium powder is poured into the reserve bucket air door on the sand mixing machine through spiral feeding, which is opened and closed after feeding. The spiral feeding is added to the calcium powder reserve bucket (time metering) again for the next addition. After 5s, the bottom drum air cooler is opened for 10-30s and the sand is unloaded. After the sand is unloaded (it takes 15s), the pneumatic door of the sand mixer is closed.
Cooling section
After unloading the sand by the sand mixing machine, the coated sand is crushed by the vibration crushing screen first, then enters the first cooling, vibration boiling cooling, and then enters the second cooling, lengthening the water cooling drum, and reaches the reserve sand bin after lifting the elevator.
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