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Introduction of resin sand production line

Resin sand molding process with its production of casting surface profile clear, smooth, high geometric accuracy, dimensional accuracy; The production process is simple and easy to control, and it is more and more accepted and applied by casting enterprises. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the quality requirements of mechanical products, including material, dimensional accuracy, especially the improvement of surface quality requirements, resin sand this more advanced technology has been vigorously promoted. In addition, with the treatment of the original sand and the improvement of resin, catalyst, sand mixing equipment, technology and other aspects, the cost of resin sand has been reduced, but also greatly promoted the promotion of resin sand technology.
Characteristics of resin sand modeling
 high yield
The yield of cast iron is generally ≥92%, and 96 ~ 98% in higher cases.

the surface is smooth
It is 2-3 grades higher than ordinary wet clay sand molding, and its surface roughness can reach Ra12.5.

high dimensional accuracy
Due to the high strength of molding sand, the dimensional accuracy of casting is 2 grades higher than that of general tidal sand and sodium silicate sand, which can reach IT8 ~ 10 grade. Subsequent machining allowance can be reduced, tool wear is small.
 the process is simple, easy to control
Type genus self-hardening resin sand molding, key points of equipment guarantee, as long as the good grasp of the process parameters can ensure the quality of the casting, so the operator's technical quality requirements is low, and save Labour, and reduce labor intensity, the output of per unit area of the casting workshop clay sand drying technique to double, deoxidization efficiency has greatly increased. At the same time, dust spots and scattered sand less, so the working environment is cleaner.

high work efficiency
Using resin sand modeling to improve the work efficiency, unit area of the workload increased, saving the workshop area.

Reduce labor intensity
Resin sand greatly reduced the core, modeling, sand, cleaning workers labor intensity.
Composition of production line

1, sand falling system: mainly including sand falling machine, vibration conveyor, magnetic separator, 1# bucket lifting machine, 1# sand hopper feeding level.

2, crushing system: mainly including 1# sand hopper feeding level, vibration feeder, crusher, cooling separator, hoist, sand warehouse feeding level.

3, regeneration system: mainly including sand storehouse feeding level, magnetic separator, vitality, wind separator, bucket lifting machine, sand storehouse feeding level.

4, sand regulation system: mainly including sand temperature regulator, cooling tower fan, circulating water pump, bucket lifting machine, temperature controller, etc.

5, air delivery system: mainly including sand reservoir gate, tank gate, transmission valve, supercharger, cut-off valve, etc
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