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BJS800Water Feeder


This device is mainly used for quantitative water addition of the intermittent sand mixer.

Clean and non-corrosive tap water is automatically added to the cylindrical water tank through the floating ball type liquid level controller. When the water level rises to the floating ball of the liquid level controller, under the action of buoyancy, the floating ball floats up, which drives the action of the connecting rod and pushes the slide. The valve closes automatically and water addition stops. When the water level drops, the floating ball falls, the connecting rod pushes the slide valve to open automatically, and water starts to be added. This cycle keeps the water pressure in the water tank within a certain range; when the sand mixer needs to add water, the pipeline pump is started, and the water in the stabilized water tank is pressurized by the pipeline pump and added to the sand mixer. Relay control.

The water adding method of this machine is equipped with automatic and manual conversion. After the production process is stable, it is generally converted into automatic water adding.

The machine is also equipped with an overflow pipe. If the float level controller fails, the excess water will be discharged from the overflow pipe.



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