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Crawler Shot Blasting Machine



This machine integrates domestic and foreign technologies. It is a cleaning equipment with good cleaning effect, compact structure, low noise and low noise. It is used for surface rust removal or shot blasting in large and medium batch production. It has the following characteristics:

1. The cantilever centrifugal shot blasting machine is used, which has the characteristics of long service life and simple structure;

2. Three projectile speeds of 75 m/s, 80 m/s and 85 m/s are used.

3. The belt pulley adopts the international advanced quick-change structure, which is conducive to improving production efficiency and reducing labor intensity.

4. The use of BE type separator has good separation effect and high productivity, and has a positive effect on improving blade life;

5. Using bag filter, the dust emission concentration is lower than the national standard, which improves the working environment of workers;

6. This model has added some special mechanisms such as manual pill separation gate and discharge gate.

7. The crawler type shot blasting machine of this model can be used alone or wired.

Structure and Principle

This machine is a small cleaning equipment, mainly composed of cleaning room, shot blasting wheel assembly, elevator, separator, electrical system and other parts.

Working principle: A specified number of workpieces are added to the cleaning room. After the machine is started, the projectiles thrown by the shot blasting machine at high speed form a stream of pellets, which hits the surface of the workpiece evenly, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning and strengthening. The thrown projectiles and sand particles flow into the elevator and are lifted to the separator by the elevator for separation. The dust is sucked by the fan and sent to the dust collector for filtration, and the clean air is discharged into the atmosphere. The dust on the cloth bag falls into the dust collecting box at the bottom of the dust collector by mechanical vibration, and the user can remove it regularly. The waste sand flows out from the waste pipe. Reusable. The shot-sand mixture is recovered from the recycling pipe and enters the chamber body, and is reused after the separator is separated.



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