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LQQ-04Ebullient Cooling Bed


Boiling cooler is mainly composed of fan, fluidized bed, cooling system and so on. The working principle of the device: the fan sends air to the pressure stabilizer box, and the flow is divided into the lower cover. There are many nozzles evenly distributed on the upper panel of the lower cover. The air flow produces a suspending force on the sand powder, which is in a boiling state, so that the sand is laterally discharged from the sand inlet. At the same time, dust fine powder of ≤200 mesh is sucked by the dust collector. The working capacity of the boiling cooler is determined by the excitation force of the vibration motor and the adjustment of the air volume. The loose sand entering the middle hood enters the fluidized bed in a boiling state to ensure sufficient dust removal and cooling to obtain good regenerated sand.

technical parameter:

 Fluidized cooling bed size--------------------------4000mm×800mm×950mm

High pressure fan model ------------------------------9-19-4A-2.2KW

 Inlet air volume-----------------------------------------824-1264 cubic meters per hour

 Inlet pressure-----------------------------------------3484-3597Pa

 Vacuuming air volume ----------------------------------------- 2000 cubic meters / hour

 Vibration Motor Model-----------------------------------XVM10-6

Rated exciting force ---------------------------------10000N×2

Power------------------------------------------------------0.75Kw×2 sets

Vibration Times------------------------------------------------------980RPM

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