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Rotary Shot Blasting Machine


Structural Features Edit Broadcast

1. This machine is mainly composed of a chamber body, a turntable, a screw conveyor, a separator, a hoist, a pill conveying device, a shot blasting device, a dust removal system, etc. It is a simple and compact rotary table cleaning machine. There are two high-speed rotating shot blasting wheels, which throw projectiles at high speed against the workpiece rotating on the turntable. When the workpiece is transferred out of the chamber, the cleaning effect can be directly seen, and the new workpiece can be replaced at the same time.

2. The rotation of the turntable drives the scraping shot to rotate, and the shot sand is sent to the lower part of the elevator through the screw conveyor, and then lifted to the separator for separation by the elevator. And the gate for the shot blasting machine to work continuously.

The transmission mechanism is driven by the reducer to drive the friction wheel, through a clutch mechanism and the turntable to generate frictional transmission, so that the turntable rotates smoothly. When the workpiece is turned out of the room, it can be used to directly flip and adjust the workpiece that has not been cleaned, or it can be adjusted at any time. Depending on the ease of loading and unloading and flipping work, pull the clutch handle to disengage the friction wheel and the turntable, that is, the turntable stops, adjust the workpiece and then change the handle position, and the turntable starts to rotate again.



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