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S62 Three Return Sand Drying Drum


This device is mainly used for drying new sand. It uses crushed coke and cold gas as its main fuel. When working, the sand by the feeder through the fuel furnace upper feeding chute into the drum, at the same time the heat released by fuel combustion under the action of the exhaust fan, into the drum; Sand in the drum after three return movement, heat exchange with the hot air, so that water evaporation, and finally through the discharge funnel discharged from the drum, drying process produced by dust gas processed by the dust collector out.

The device has flexible process layout, good drying effect and convenient maintenance. According to the requirements of users, when coke is used as fuel, the furnace door direction can be made into positive, left and right three forms. When gas is used as fuel, it is sprayed directly into the combustion chamber from the front.

The roller is supported by the roller of the transmission system around the guide rail on the roller, relying on friction between the roller and the guide rail to drive the roller to rotate, it is mainly by the taper of 1:10 and 1:8 of three different sizes of cone sleeve system. When working, the sand moves along the small end of the cone to the big end; Finally, it is discharged from the upper part of the cone.

Combustion furnace is divided into solid (coke) and gas (gas) two types of furnace. Its structure is composed of furnace frame, furnace body, furnace door, gas saving valve, inspection door, observation hole, ash door and other parts.

It is mainly composed of motor, reducer, drive shaft, roller and base, etc. Shaft mounted reducer is directly set on the drive shaft for easy maintenance.



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