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S954BPermanent Magnet Separation Drum


1) Function: It can separate strong magnetic substances such as iron nails, iron beans, cold iron, core bones mixed in bulk materials from materials to protect crushing, screening, lifting, feeding, mixing, Molding and other process equipment and transportation equipment.

2) Working principle: the wrap angle of the magnetic system is about 150°. only part of the circumference. When working, the magnetic system does not move, and the drum body is driven to rotate by a separate rotating device. When the adsorbed iron material turns to the lower left together with the drum body, it falls down due to the loss of the magnetic field force.

The installation angle of the magnetic system can be adjusted by the handle to make it in the best separation working position.

3) Equipment structure: It consists of a drive motor, an outer casing, a stainless steel cylinder, and a fixed magnetic yoke.

The magnetic source is a permanent magnet block, and the outer surface is covered with a 5mm thick stainless steel outer cylinder. The stainless steel outer cylinder rotates under the drive of the motor. The material flows down the stainless steel outer cylinder. The sand is not affected by the magnetic attraction and falls vertically along the chute. to the scrap iron chute. The sand is equipped with a rotating shaft and a magnetic frame, and the permanent magnet block is made of a special powder metallurgy product - rubidium iron boron. Has a high remanence value and coercivity. The yoke is made of low carbon steel with good magnetic permeability to reduce the magnetic resistance at the non-working end of the magnetic system. The upper two working ends of the magnetic block set mounted on the yoke have opposite polarities to form a magnetic system. Because there is a certain gap between the working ends of the two magnetic poles to form an air gap, the magnetic line of force is approximately perpendicular to the N pole surface, and then turns to the S pole after passing through the material to be separated. Therefore, magnetic materials are attracted and the separation work is carried out.

Technical Specifications:

1. Productivity —————————————————————————————— 10T/H

2. The diameter of the vibrating body is 320mm

3. Model of drive motor ——————————————————————XWD3-17-1.1KW

4. Machine quality ———————————————————————————— 210Kg

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