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Through Shot Blasting Machine


The roller table pass-through shot blasting machine is easy to operate. Just load the steel material into the machine, press the start button, and after a short cycle, the system will automatically unload the processed material, which completes the entire cleaning process. Remove all dust and residual pellets.

The special blasting head can further increase the production capacity and greatly enhance the shot blasting performance and wear resistance.

Roll-through shot blasting machines can be integrated with other operations such as sawing, drilling, milling, painting and drying systems to provide customers with complete processing equipment. Adding conveyor chains and cross-conveying systems can further increase productivity.

Roller pass-through shot blasting machines are known for their high reliability, long service life and progressive engineering design, as well as top-performing Die blasting heads. Shot blasting machines inherit consistent product advantages and represent unparalleled productivity and high performance. Equipped with the Die Drop Head System (replacing its standard Drop Head), your productivity can be greatly improved. The blasting head represents the most advanced technology, greatly improving the performance of the shot blasting machine and the wear resistance of the blasting head.

Roller shot blasting machines offer unmatched cost-effectiveness and are ideal cleaning equipment. Mechanical descaling with shot blasting machine has been recognized and widely used in production. The equipment combination system makes the process reliable and economical, and ensures the required cleanliness of the workpiece. The shot blasting machine system has a high degree of automation and is equipped with user-specified loading and unloading units. The entire system can be used as a stand-alone device or integrated into the entire descaling and anti-corrosion treatment line.

1. The design is simple and meets the requirements of assembly line production;

2. Improve the continuous production process;

3. The conveying distance is short (there is no storage process in the middle of the product);

Since the shot blasting process is integrated into the entire automated production line, operating costs are greatly reduced;

Roller pass-through shot blasting machine

clean room

The cleaning chamber is a large-capacity plate-type box-shaped welding structure. The inner wall of the chamber is lined with ZGMn13 wear-resistant protective plates. The cleaning operation is carried out in a sealed chamber.

conveyor roller

It is divided into indoor conveying roller table and conveying roller table in loading and unloading section.

The indoor roller table is covered with high-chromium wear-resistant sheath and limit ring. The high-chromium wear-resistant sheath is used to protect the roller table and withstand the impact of projectiles. The limit ring can make the workpiece run at the predetermined position to prevent deviation and cause accidents.



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