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XD Low Resistance Cyclone Dust Collector


Air box pulse bag dust collector is advanced efficient bag dust collector, an integrated chamber blow and pulse blowing ash removal of all kinds of bag dust collector, the advantages of overcoming the chamber blow soot cleaning strength is not enough, pulse blowing ash removal and filtering simultaneously, thus expanding the application range of bag dust collector, because this type of structure has its characteristics of the dust collector, so improving the dust collecting efficiency, Prolong the service life of the filter bag.

The body of air box pulse bag dust collector is separated into independent box area, each box has 60 bags, and there is a cylinder driven lift valve on the side outlet pipe of each box. When the dust collector filters the dust gas for a certain time (or the resistance reaches the preset design value), the dust cleaning controller sends a signal, and the lifting valve in the first chamber begins to close and cut off the filter air flow; Then the pulse valve of the box chamber is opened, and the compressed air of more than 0.5mpa is rushed into the clean air chamber to remove the dust on the filter bag; When this action is completed, the lift valve is reopened to allow the chamber to re-filter and complete the deashing action of each chamber one by one according to the above procedure.

Pulse bag filter is composed of upper, middle and lower boxes, ash discharge system and jet blowing system. The upper box body comprises a cover plate and an air outlet that can be lifted; The box body is provided with a porous plate filter bag frame, filter bag and Venturi tube; The lower box body is composed of ash hopper, air inlet and inspection door; Blowout system includes control instrument, control valve, pulse valve, blowout tube and air bag.

Dust gas from the dust collector inlet into the middle, the lower box, dust gas through the filter bag into the process of the upper box due to various effects of the filter bag will be separated dust gas, dust is absorbed in the filter bag, and gas through the filter bag into the upper box tube, discharged from the outlet. Dust gas through the filter bag purification process, with the increase of time and the accumulation of dust attached to the filter bag, increase the resistance of the filter bag, resulting in a gradual reduction in the amount of gas through the filter bag. In order to make the resistance control in the limited range (generally 120 ~ 150 mm water column), ensure that the required amount of gas through the control device issued instructions, in order to trigger the control valve to open the pulse valve, the compressed air in the air bag instantaneously through the pulse valve to the nozzle of each hole, in the jingle tube to the corresponding filter bag. The filter bag expands rapidly under the instantaneous reverse action of air flow, so that the dust attached to the surface of the filter bag falls off and the filter bag is regenerated. The dust removed falls into the ash hopper and is discharged from the body through the discharge valve. The dust accumulated on the filter bag is cleaned by pulse spraying periodically, so that the purified gas can pass through normally and ensure the operation of the dust removal system.

The blowing system and its working principle are shown in Figure 2. Pulse valve A end is connected with compressed air package, B end is connected with blowing pipe, pulse valve back pressure chamber is connected with 埪 valve, controller controls 埪 valve and pulse valve open. When the controller has no signal output, the control valve exhaust is closed, pulse valve nozzle and closed state, when the controller sends a signal when the control valve exhaust is opened, pulse valve back pressure chamber gas leakage, pressure reduction, pressure difference on both sides of the diaphragm, diaphragm due to pressure difference and displacement, pulse valve spray open, At this point, compressed air is sprayed from the air bag through the pulse valve through the nozzle hole into the Vente tube into the filter bag (the gas ejected from the nozzle is a primary wind). When the high-speed gas flow through the Venturian tube process induces several times of the primary air surrounding air (called the secondary air), resulting in instantaneous positive pressure in the filter bag to achieve dust cleaning.

In the process of dust removal, the time of each pulse valve blowing gas is called pulse time or pulse width; The spray interval time of two adjacent pulse valves is the pulse interval (also known as the spray cycle). The resistance of precipitator can be kept in the limited range by adjusting the pulse period and time of the controller.



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