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Y42 Screw Feeder


Y42 series spiral feeder, suitable for conveying grain, cement, clay, coal, zinc oxide and other easy to flow, small adhesion, slight wear, not easy to break and sealing conveying of loose powder granular material feeding. It has the characteristics of simple structure, reliable operation, good sealing and less dust spillover. If the feeding is controlled by time relay, accurate quantitative feeding can be achieved.

This series feeder is composed of transmission device, helix, shell, bearing and so on.

(1) The bearing with seat at both ends is installed outside the shell, and flange installation is adopted to facilitate assembly, maintenance and sealing.

(2) The transmission device and other parts are fixed on a chassis for easy lifting and installation.

(3) The shell is made of seamless steel tube, and a regulating plate is arranged at the connection with the feeder sleeve to adjust the size of the feed flow.

(4) The helix is welded from seamless steel tube and steel plate blade, with good wear resistance.

(5) The feed port is large, the material in the bin forms a good overall flow, and the discharge port is not easy to arch. Discharge smoothly and evenly.



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