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Casting Horizontal Forming Machine


The advantages of automatic horizontal boxless molding machine

The automatic casting production line only needs to put the product mold on the molding machine, and the entire automatic assembly line will produce molding parts, which not only improves the production efficiency, but also saves the cost. Innovation is also a liberation for the majority of manual workers.

The automatic molding machine is used for casting equipment for making sand molds: the loose molding sand is automatically injected into the sand box, automatic compaction, automatic mold release, automatic box closing, automatic unboxing, automatic ejection, automatic casting, and casting of the sand box. Push it to the sand mixer, and so on, the production cycle is non-stop. The fully automatic boxless molding machine completely solves: 1. High labor intensity of workers 2. Solve the high requirements of casting technology 3. Improve product quality 4. Reduce costs and other problems

Advantages of automatic molding machine:

1. Make maximum use of the foundry's existing equipment and site supporting power to save investment. 2. The installation, commissioning and production can be carried out quickly, which can make the investment get a rapid return of value. 3. Mechanical automatic one-button operation, no need for professional technicians, with fault and monitoring, display functions, can display faults and valve movements, oil pressure, air pressure, pressure changes on the display, making maintenance convenient and fast. 4. The mechanical properties are stable, safe and reliable, special technology is adopted, the upper and lower molds work at the same time, the sand is added at the same time, the sand shape is uniform, the hardness is high, the molding time is short, the air consumption is small, and the noise is low. 5. The height of the sand mold is adjustable, and it can be applied to castings of different heights. 6. The mold plate is easy to replace, and the old mold can be used directly.

7. The sand type has high positioning accuracy. The machine adopts guide pin positioning, and the sand type can be positioned twice to prevent many defects such as wrong type and low precision.

8, the core is convenient. Fully automatic horizontal boxless molding machine, providing various molding equipment for the foundry industry,

9. Equipped with advanced safety protection and protection devices, which can effectively protect the operator.

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