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Vertical Moulding Machine


Vertical parting boxless moulding machine

The utility model relates to a vertical parting box free molding machine used for vertical parting production of wear-resistant casting balls or casting segments. Has the following advantages:

1, the output per hour can reach 300 boxes according to different specifications, the output per shift generally can reach 10T ~ 20T;

2, suitable for casting ball, casting section product production, especially the production of labor-intensive high value-added small specification products;

3, the yield can reach more than 97%.

In wet sand modeling, vertical parting and horizontal parting are compared. For the casting factories producing medium and small gray iron pieces or ductile iron pieces in large quantities, heavy straight parting modeling is advantageous because of its advantages of cheaper equipment, high-speed modeling, less personnel required, small deviation of compactness and so on.

What are the characteristics of vertical parting automatic molding line? The production line has high productivity, high precision of casting size, high degree of automation, low noise, flexible line formation and occupying the ground

Small volume, low investment in process and construction, energy saving and other characteristics, is the current production of small and medium-sized advanced, high efficiency of tidal sand molding automatic line. The automatic line adopts electrical appliances, hydraulic components are imported or joint venture products, equipment stable operation, easy operation and maintenance. Compared with imported similar molding line, in automation control and electromechanical integration level and equipment operation reliability, cooling, mold parts abrasion resistance, meet together type synchronous transmission, mechanical core, adhesive tape cooling, automatic sand under complete functions, such as standardized level and maintainability, and the price is only 1/3 of the imports or lower, automatic molding machine, It has a good cost performance ratio.

Suitable for most metal material, mass production of modeling method, automatic molding machine, clay wet sand modeling is economic modeling method. The casting factory is equipped with the control device of new technology, so it should be done gradually. The wet sand control technology can get good performance repeatedly. These controls include automatic clay sand moulding machines, screening and separating metals, cooling of recycled sand, and accurate release of additives in recycled sand mixing.

Fully automatic casting production line just need to put the product mold molding machine, the whole automatic assembly line will produce molding parts, which not only improves the production efficiency, vertical parting flaskless shoot pressure automatic molding machine, also save the cost, is to let the general manual laborers to work into a technological innovation, is also a liberation for the manual workers.

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