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DZL15 Vibration Hopper


DZL series vibration hopper is broken arch feeding equipment, it can be directly installed in the lower part of the storage bin, with bin broken arch, uniform feeding role, has been in refractory, building materials, chemical, metallurgy, mining, electric power, food and other industrial departments to promote the use.

The machine consists of vibration hopper, fixed hopper, sealing sleeve, damping device and so on. The fixed bucket is fixed at the lower part of the storage bin with bolts, the vibration hopper is provided with a spherical activator, the vibration motor is arranged outside the bucket, the vibration bucket is lifted at the lower part of the fixed bucket by rubber damping device, and the gap between the fixed bucket and the vibration hopper is sealed with rubber rings.

The vibration motor installed on the outside of the vibration hopper is the excitation source of the vibration hopper. After the motor is started, the inertia excitation force is generated, which makes the spherical activator in the vibration hopper produce strong horizontal vibration. The spherical activator divides the horizontal excitation force into components along the spherical normal and tangent directions. The normal direction is transferred to the depth of the material along the radial direction, thus destroying the vertical material arch in the bin, which makes the material on the upper part of the activator move quickly from the center to the surrounding, and then slide down the wall of the bin to realize the overall flow of the material and uniform discharge from the discharge port.

The feeding capacity of the vibration hopper is proportional to the size of the vibration force. The vibration stops and the discharge stops immediately. Adjust the vibration force of the vibration motor can change the size of the discharge, feed (discharge) error is 5%.

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