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How to use the coated sand mixer

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This machine is mainly used for thermal production of coated sand mixing, the working mechanism adopts the relative movement of scraper and rotor, so that the material in the basin can be stirred evenly in a very short time, so that the sand coated, sand mixing quality is good, high efficiency, and has a good rapid crushing capacity for the sand block.

The whole machine is composed of transmission system, working mechanism, lubrication system, body and unloading door. See Figure 1.

coated sand mixer

1. Transmission system

The transmission system includes the main motor, the combined narrow V belt and the reducer. The main motor is mounted on the base, connected by a coupling to the input shaft of the reducer, and then decelerated by three gears. The main motor drives the column, which drives the scraper to rotate. The reducer is fixed under the chassis of the sand mixer, and the lower box is provided with a magnetic oil plug to collect the iron scraps in the lubricating oil, so as to reduce the wear of the gear and bearing and extend its service life.

2. Working organization

The working mechanism is composed of a scraper and a balance wheel. The two scraping plates installed on the column sleeve and the balance wheel installed on the cross head are driven by the output shaft of the reducer to produce movement. The bottom of the two bottom scraping plates are welded with carbide knife blocks to reduce wear.

3. Lubrication system

Because only part of the bearing in the reducer is immersed in lubricating oil, the machine adopts forced lubrication measures. The lubrication system consists of a motor, a gear oil pump, a pressure switch and a distribution body on the reducer. When the motor starts, the lubricating oil in the gearbox passes through the filter, and the oil pump pressurizes the pressure switch, so that the pressure switch is connected, and the main motor can start. At the same time, the lubricating oil is lubricated by the distributor and the pipeline. When the lubrication system fails, the lubricating oil pressure will be reduced, the pressure switch will be reset, the pressure switch contact will be disconnected, the control console will have a fault signal, the main motor will automatically power off, and the machine will stop running.

4. Body and discharge door

(1) The body

It is composed of a ring, a leg, a backing plate, a chassis and a bracket. The ring and the bottom lining plate are provided with water interlayer, which is cooled by circulating water.

(2) Discharge door

The discharging door is pneumatic discharging.

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