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why do we need to use Thermal regeneration roaster

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The body of the coated sand roaster is provided with a combustion chamber, the body is installed with an igniter towards the combustion chamber, including a feed chamber fixed on the upper side of the body, the upper side of the combustion chamber is communicated with the feed chamber, the side of the combustion chamber away from the feed chamber is connected with a waste heat packet, the waste heat packet is connected with the exhaust pipe; The feeding chamber is provided with a baffle passage, and the side wall of the feeding chamber is provided with a preheating channel communicated with the exhaust pipe; The preheating chamber is communicated with the exhaust pipe. , the exhaust gas from the combustion chamber is sent to the feeding chamber to preheat the sand, and the sand with a certain temperature enters the combustion chamber, which can reduce the heat consumption in the combustion chamber, thus reducing the use of natural gas and reducing the roasting cost of sand.

thermal regeneration roaster

It is composed of roasting furnace body, boiling air supply system and combustion system.

3.2.1 Furnace body: The shell is a welded box, which is divided into two chambers, the upper one and the lower one. The upper chamber is the boiling chamber, the lower chamber is the bellows, and the bedplate in the middle is equipped with a hood. The boiling chamber/stove top is made of firebrick and the stove top is lined with aluminum silicate fiber. One end of the furnace body is provided with a sand recovery inlet and the other end is provided with a discharge port.

3.2.2 Boiling air supply system: It is composed of fan, disc valve, air preheater and hot and cold air duct.

3.2.3 Combustion system: two sets of combustion devices, each consisting of a gas burner, an air disc valve, a needle valve and a pneumatic control valve, are installed on both sides of the furnace body respectively.

The old sand that enters the roaster moves slowly under the action of boiling while being heated by the reverse flow of the furnace gas. In the middle of the furnace, the flame from the two burners, the hot gas and the sand flow mix, heating the sand to more than 650℃, so that the resin film on the surface burning. Finally, the hot sand is discharged from the sand outlet into the cooling bed.

3.2.4 Dust removal system: The exhaust gas discharged during combustion circulates through the pipeline inside the preheater to the buffer transition sand chamber above and generates waste heat exchange with the old sand, and then enters the dust removal system through the pipeline.

3.2.5 Waste heat recovery system: Waste heat from the roaster is recycled to the heat exchanger below the waste sand silo to preheat the old sand, which can shorten the roasting time, improve production and save energy consumption.

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