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L251 Conveying Type Sand Falling Machine


After the casting is cooled, the casting is pushed into the sand falling machine, which separates the sand mold from the casting under the action of excitation force, and the sand group is further broken. The broken sand group falls into the back sand belt through the grid hole, and the casting is transported forward along the conveying direction.

The machine is composed of two parts, the frame body and the base, all using welding structure, two motor bolts installed on the side of the frame body, the frame body supported on the base with metal spring.

Two vibration motors are installed on both sides of the frame body of the sand falling machine. The two motors operate synchronously in reverse, and the combined force makes the castings and sand pellets on the grid bed continuously thrown. The sand pellets are broken through the grid hole and fall into the back sand belt. The castings are transported to the unloading end and fall onto the scale plate conveyor to complete a casting casting.

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