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L32 Shakeout Drum


A shakeout of casting parts equipment, roller shakeout machine and the roller by the former drum body, shakeout in the early period of, drum body, after the final shakeout section, due to add the shakeout in the early period, can make the feeding roller with casting sand in the shakeout in the early period of separation to part first, so can increase the chance of collision in the process of casting in the following, is advantageous to the sand from the casting surface fell and the large sand melting away, Improve the effect of falling sand. The cover shell of the initial sand falling section is also provided with a dust extraction vent, which is beneficial to improve the dust removal and cooling effect of the old sand.

This kind of sand machine has the advantages of small vibration, relatively clean casting surface cleaning, powder (smoke) dust is easy to be removed in the drum, etc. This equipment can make the casting and sand in the rolling sand cooling, and the casting surface is clean. Sand can also be directly into the sand preparation department for further use. This kind of machine has been widely used because it has many functions. It is a casting sand cleaning equipment integrating raw sand, crushing, cooling and dust removal. It is mainly used as supporting equipment for automatic and semi-automatic casting production lines. The working principle is: the sand cooling drum rotates slowly around the horizontal axis, and when the casting mold enters the drum, with the help of the wall panels configured along the whole length of the inner wall of the drum, the casting mold reaches a part of the upper part of the drum and throws off the drum wall. Throw it down according to a certain trajectory, collide with the cylinder or the casting, and make the casting and sand fall off. In the process of sand cleaning, the broken sand carries the casting forward in a fluid state. Until the separation screen at the end of the drum (sand drain barrel) allows the sand and casting to be separated.

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