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LQQ-4000Ebullient Cooling Bed


The fluidized cooling bed is a special equipment used for cooling and regeneration of coated sand. It has multiple functions such as removing metal particles, removing micro-powder film debris,and cooling, so as to obtain regenerated sand that can meet the reuse standards.

The device is a continuous cooler. An air chamber is set below the boiling plate, and the high-pressure fan blows air to the boiling plate. A stainless steel water pipe is set above the boiling plate, and cooling water is circulated in the stainless steel water pipe. The stainless steel water pipe above the boiling plate touches for heat exchange, the loose regenerated sand is fully cooled in the fluidized bed, and the dust in the boiling is dedusted in a wide range, thus completing the reuse of the sand.

Technical Specifications

Bed size:------------------------------------------------------------ --4000mm×1000mm

Fan model: ----------------------------------------------- -9-19-5A-7.5KW (high voltage)

Air intake ------------------------------------------------ --------1610-3166m3/h

Inlet pressure--------------------------------------------------------- ---------5697-5323pa

Vacuuming air volume--------------------------------------------------------- ------4400m3/h

Circulating water volume------------------------------------------------ -----12m3/h

Inlet water pressure----------------------------------------------- ------0.30Mpa

Inlet water temperature--------------------------------------------------------- ------ normal temperature

Maximum sand temperature--------------------------------------------------------- ------750℃

Sand temperature after cooling --------------------------------------------- ----150-220℃

Fan power------------------------------------------------ -----7.5Kw

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