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RS2510 Fixed Double Arm Resin Sand Mixer


Resin sand double-arm continuous mixing machine is composed of primary conveying cage and secondary mixing cage. The conveying cage adopts low speed conveying, and the mixing cage adopts high speed mixing, and the operation area is large (more than 5 meters). The mixing cage adopts full open type, which is convenient for cleaning and maintenance. Hard alloy surfacing on sand mixing blade has a service life of more than 2000 hours.

  1. Adhesive supply system adopts electric variable Italian OBL diaphragm pump, stepless variable gear pump. These two pumps are light in weight, small in size, compact in structure and reliable in flow

  2. Sand mixing is good, effectively ensuring the quality of modeling, core making and yield

  3. Short mixing time, headless tailings

  4. The material is clean after stopping

  5. Fully open sand mixing auger arm, easy to clean and adjust the blade

  6. Convenient operation and maintenance

  7. Electrical system adopts imported PLC control, stable and reliable work, automatic production

  8. The proportion regulator of old and new sand can be configured at the entrance of the sand mixer according to the production needs to accurately control the proportion of new and old sand

  9. Double-arm rotary structure has a large working coverage area

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