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What is a double dish stirring cooler?

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A double-dish stirring cooler is a self-contained cooling device that uses two plates to circulate coolant throughout the system. These disks are connected to a central axis and rotate at high speeds, creating a powerful centrifugal force that circulates the coolant evenly throughout the system. This design provides superior cooling efficiency and allows for better control of the system temperature.

  • How much do you know about a two-dish stirring cooler?

  • How does the double disc stirring cooler work?

  • What are the benefits of a two-dish stirring cooler?

double dish stirring cooler

How much do you know about a two-dish stirring cooler?

Double - dish stirring cooler is a new cooling equipment developed in recent years. Mainly used for high temperature, high viscosity material cooling, also can be used for material mixing. A double-disc stirring cooler consists of two disks, one fixed and the other rotating. There are several agitators on each disc, and the two discs are connected by shafts. When the material to be cooled is fed into the cooler, it is evenly distributed across the two disks under the action of the agitator. Then, under the action of the rotating disc, the material will be in full contact with the air, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling and mixing.

How does the double dish stirring cooler work?

When the cooling system begins to work, the control system first detects the temperature and humidity of the old sand, and determines the coarse water amount accordingly: the old sand enters the disk, driven by the agitator and the wind, the old sand is in the horizontal and vertical direction of "∞" three-dimensional motion. At the same time, the water adding system will determine the amount of water evenly sprayed in the old sand, water evaporation away a lot of heat, evaporation of hot air is quickly extracted from the upper part of the dust removal system: in the cooler stirring cooling process, the system installed temperature and humidity detection device, continuous detection and monitoring of the old sand temperature and humidity changes. At the same time, the working current of the stirring motor is continuously detected to adjust the opening of the sand door, so as to keep the sand content in the cooler stable. Through the detection of sand temperature and water, feed back the water adding control system, adjust the water, ensure that the sand temperature is controlled within 40℃ (or the ambient temperature +10℃), and accurately control the water at 2.2±0.2%.

What are the benefits of a two-dish stirring cooler?

Function: Cooling

Sand temperature: ≤40℃ (or ambient temperature +10℃)

· Moisture control Moisture: 2.0-2.4%

· Good swelling of premixed bentonite

Efficient control system

· Sand inlet temperature and moisture detection

· Control of sand inlet flow

· Current stability control of main stirring motor

· Water flow control

· Test the temperature and moisture of outlet sand

· Detection of ambient temperature and control of air volume

The RFD two-disc cooler serves as a cooling and premix device for sand treatment, providing uniformity, moisture and water to the sand mixing system

Temperature stability of the old sand, for molding sand control has brought a lot of convenience and benefits.

And because of the stable performance of the molding sand, the quality of the casting has a reliable guarantee.

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