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What is the importance of the clay production line?

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Clay sand is a type (core) sand with clay as binder. Mechanization of sand treatment is an important part of foundry production. The preparation of core sand directly affects the quality of casting production, the increase of production and the reduction of cost. Because of the complexity of sand treatment process, the workload of clay sand treatment and transportation is very large, and the environment is very harsh, so the mechanization of sand treatment process is an important part of foundry production. The main task of the Sand Treatment Department is to provide qualified molding sand and core sand for the molding core Department.

Clay sand production line

Clay sand production line is the process of the whole clay sand from transportation to sand mixing to modeling integration. A large number of equipment is used to coordinate and cooperate with each other, so as to achieve the process of pouring after the user finishes the mold.

The main equipment of clay sand production line generally includes: sand dropping machine, vibration conveyor, casting conveyor, belt conveyor, hanging magnetic separator, hoist, fine hexagonal screen, linear vibrating screen sand machine, sand storage, two-way belt conveyor, sand block crusher, boiling cooling bed, sand storage, disc feeder, high efficiency rotor type sand mixing machine, bag dust collector, dust removal pipeline combination.

Clay sand production line specifications are: 20 tons, 40 tons, 60 tons, 80 tons, 100 tons, 120 tons. Horizontal and vertical molding lines are available.

Qingdao Dingli Machinery Co., Ltd. is a 20-180t/h mechanized clay sand processing production line turnkey project and supporting equipment is single.

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