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Activated Carbon Photo-oxygen Integrated Machine


Activated carbon photo-oxygen integrated machine_Principle and use of activated carbon activated carbon integrated machine

1. The working principle of the photo-oxygen activated carbon machine

The UV photo-oxygen activated carbon integrated machine combines UV photolysis oxidation technology and activated carbon adsorption. Compared with the two separate devices, the purification efficiency is higher and the cost is reduced. It can treat a variety of organic waste gas and malodorous waste gas, such as: alcohols, aldehydes , benzene, ammonia and other organic waste gas and odorous waste gas. The technical principle of the equipment is a combination of ultraviolet photolysis oxidation technology and activated carbon adsorption technology. Compared with two single exhaust gas equipment, it has higher exhaust gas purification efficiency and lower comprehensive cost, and can treat various organic exhaust gas and malodorous exhaust gas. The principle of activated carbon photo-oxygen integrated machine is to use ozone UV ultraviolet rays The beam decomposes the oxygen molecules in the air to generate free oxygen, that is, reactive oxygen species. Because the positive and negative electrons carried by the free oxygen are unbalanced, they combine with the oxygen molecules to generate ozone. Due to the oxidation effect of ozone on organic matter, it has a strong removal effect on malodorous gases and other irritating odorous gases.

Second, the performance characteristics of photo-oxygen activated carbon integrated machine:

1. The odorous gas can be deodorized, decomposed and purified through this equipment, and no substance can be added to participate in the chemical reaction. Strong adaptability: It can adapt to the deodorization and purification treatment of high concentration, atmospheric volume, and different odorous gas substances, and can work continuously 24 hours a day, with stable and reliable operation. Low operating cost: The equipment does not have any mechanical action, no noise, and does not require special management and daily maintenance. Just do regular checks.

2. The combination of the advantages of UV photo-oxygen catalysis equipment and activated carbon adsorption box has greatly reduced the floor space, and also reduced the volume compared with the previous month, the structure is more compact, and the retail price is also relatively reduced. The exhaust gas is introduced into the activated carbon exhaust gas adsorption equipment through the air inlet of the purifier, and the impurities in the exhaust gas are removed by the pretreatment device. Harmful substances such as chemical compounds and odors.

3. Instructions for the maintenance of the electrical system of the activated carbon photo-oxygen all-in-one machine:

1. In daily life, the dust accumulation in the electrical cabinet of the electrical system should be cleaned regularly.

2. When the electrical components are damaged, the damaged electrical components should be repaired or replaced in time.

3. The internal wiring should be carefully arranged to make the lines neat, especially in daily emergency repairs, it should be restored to the normal state as much as possible.

4. Check and fasten the movable part of the fuse so that the contact parts are in good contact.

5. Tighten the crimping screws on the terminals and electrical components to make all crimping terminals firm and reliable to reduce contact resistance. </a>

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