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Catalytic Combustion


Composition and working principle of catalytic combustion equipment: The catalytic combustion equipment is mainly composed of activated carbon adsorption device + catalytic burner, namely adsorption concentration-catalytic combustion method. The catalytic combustion equipment adopts dual gas paths or multiple gas paths to work continuously, and the designed activated carbon adsorption device can be used alternately, one catalytic combustion chamber.

The catalytic combustion equipment first uses activated carbon to adsorb organic waste gas during operation. When the activated carbon reaches adsorption saturation, the adsorption operation is stopped, and then the activated carbon is desorbed within an appropriate temperature range; the concentration of desorbed organic matter is increased by dozens of times than the original, and sent to catalytic combustion The catalytic combustion reaction is carried out in the chamber. The catalytic oxidation reaction is carried out on the surface of the catalyst at 200 ~ 350 ℃, which converts it into harmless water and carbon dioxide.

Catalytic combustion reactions are exothermic reactions, and the heat from these reactions is exchanged through heat, retaining the temperature for reuse. Therefore, catalytic combustion equipment is relatively energy-saving, it only consumes the power of the fan. The regenerated activated carbon can be used for the next adsorption; when one of the adsorption beds is desorbed, the control system can automatically open the other adsorption bed to continue adsorbing organic waste gas, so that the switching operation of two or more adsorption beds can realize a large number of continuous waste gas treatment operations. .

In addition to the catalytic combustion of exhaust gas in the plastics industry, and other methods and methods are available, if it is a new plastic processing, the use of catalytic combustion equipment is a bit more, the use of photo-oxygen catalyst + activated carbon adsorption can meet the emission requirements, catalytic combustion equipment can be used Industry, such as rubber factory, chemical factory, ink factory or wire and cable factory, you can use this equipment for treatment, welcome to call "exhaust gas treatment plan"

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