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Clay Sand Production Line


Clay sand production line

Equipment introduction

Vibrating conveyor, mold conveying, belt conveyor, suspended magnetic separator, elevator, fine hexagonal screen, sand storehouse, two-way belt conveyor, fluidized cooling bed, elevator, recycling machine, belt conveyor, elevator, unloader, Belt conveyor, sand storehouse, disc feeder, belt conveyor, elevator, belt conveyor, exhaust breather, auxiliary hopper, two-way feeder, screw feeder, auxiliary material electronic scale sand mixer, belt conveyor, circular Pan feeder.

Equipment use

The quality of core sand preparation directly affects the quality and output of foundry production and the reduction of costs; due to the complex sand treatment process, the clay sand treatment and transportation workload is very large, and the environment is very harsh, so the sand treatment process is mechanized. It is an important part of casting production. The main task of the sand processing department is to provide qualified molding sand and core sand for the molding core department.

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