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S5815Thermal Regenerative Roaster


Coated sand regenerative boiling baking furnace is also known as fluidized roasting. Sand is roasted in suspension state. Working principle of the air from the bottom of the furnace into, the cap into the furnace, when the air at a certain flow rate under the blowing sand, sand under air agitation up, as long as the wind speed does not exceed a certain limit, the sand is within the scope of a certain height in a suspended state, sand and good conditions of gas contact, make the burning process between gas-solid heat exchange speed, reaction is very fierce And the temperature of the material layer is uniform. The body is provided with a combustion chamber, the body is installed with an igniter toward the combustion chamber, including a feeding chamber fixed on the body, the upper side of the combustion chamber is communicated with the feeding chamber, the combustion chamber away from the feeding chamber is connected with a waste heat package, waste heat package is connected with a waste gas pipe; A baffle channel is arranged in the feeding room, and a preheating channel connected with the exhaust gas pipe is opened in the side wall of the feeding room; The preheating chamber is connected with the exhaust gas pipe, and the exhaust gas discharged from the combustion chamber is sent to the feeding chamber to preheat the sand particles. The sand particles with a certain temperature enter the combustion chamber, which can reduce the heat consumption of the combustion chamber, thereby reducing the use of natural gas and reducing the roasting cost of sand particles.

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