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S99 Hang Magnetic Separator


Permanent magnet separation equipment is widely used in casting, metallurgy, mining, power generation, combustion, building materials, flour...... And other industries. It can be scattered in the material mixed with iron nails, iron beans, cold iron, core bone, pouring riser and other strong magnetic material separated from the material, to protect the crushing, screening, lifting, feeding, mixing, modeling and other process equipment and transportation equipment. And can recover waste iron, can also be used in metallurgy select iron oxide and other magnetic separation materials.

When the conveying material contains broken iron, after hanging below the magnetic separator, is magnetic system suction and attached to the separator tape, with the tape dragged away from the magnetic field from the magnetic field, fall to the scrap iron bucket, to achieve the purpose of separation.

It is mainly composed of bearings, drum body, driving motor, left and right flange shaft, gear and inner gear ring etc., left and right flange shaft and driving motor shell connected into a continuous bending beam, bearing the tension of the tape, the motor by two gear deceleration, driving drum body rotation. When the drum rotates, the oil scraper welded on the inner wall of the drum takes up the oil injected into the drum, so as to realize the cooling and lubrication of motor, gear, bearings and other parts.

The magnetic system is wide and attractive, and the magnetic block is fixed by bonding to avoid the disadvantage that the local counter magnetic field of the magnetic pole with holes weakens the total magnetic field strength. Add high magnetic pole magnetic block layer, so that magnetic field lines greatly extended, so very attractive.

The convex edge on the circular tape of the permanent magnet separator plays a role in forcing the ferromagnetic debris, so as to facilitate the discharge of the separated iron debris.

The equipment has the best sorting effect on the most harmful large iron block in the material, the smaller the gap between the magnetic system bottom surface and the tape, the better the effect.

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