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SJ Twin Shaft Stirrer Cooler


SJ series double-shaft mixer is a kind of equipment for conveying powdery materials while humidifying and stirring by synchronous rotation of a pair of spiral shafts with stirring blades. The equipment has high mixing efficiency, compact structure, stable operation, clean and environmental protection.

1, the whole mixing and conveying process is carried out in a closed space, no dust leakage, clean and environmental protection;

2, set mixing, humidification, transportation in one, mixing uniformity, high production efficiency, large capacity;

3, the end of the shaft adopts labyrinth type and packing type combination seal, play a double sealing effect, sealing effect is good;

4. The mixing blade is made of wear-resistant material and has high wear resistance after special surface treatment.

5, the machine has compact structure, small space, stable transmission, high reliability and low noise.

The working principle of SJ series double-shaft mixer is that the driving device drives two blades with mixing blades to rotate synchronously. When the material enters the machine slot by feeding port, the water spraying device immediately sprays water, so that the material becomes wet from dry state; In the humidification at the same time, the wet materials under the action of the spiral mixing blade, constantly stirring each other, mixing, and moving to the discharge port direction, qualified materials discharged from the discharge port.

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