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VS30 Vertical Sand Looser


This loose sand machine is widely used in the foundry workshop casting (molding sand) sand treatment of small loose sand equipment. Set on the sand belt machine, the sand belt machine forward to drive the rotation of the grinding wheel of the sand machine, the rotation of the grinding wheel and the formation of shear force on the sand, so as to decompose the sintered sand block, remove the inclusion, so that the new casting (sand) has good ventilation. Strengthen the effect of sand, so as to optimize the quality of products. Reduce reject rate. Reduce labor intensity of workers. Improve working conditions and productivity.

The wheel of sand-loosening machine is comb steel sheet of carbide wear-resisting material, it is small in size, light and flexible, economical and practical. It is mainly used for loosening all kinds of clay sand. It is installed above the sand belt conveyor and has strong applicability. It can be used in a single machine or on the mechanized sand processing line.

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