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Y5805 Clay Pulverized Coal Electronic Scale


This electronic scale is based on the container support point to choose a set of three modules range. Fully consider the weight of the weighing body (container), vibration and impact, eccentric load and other factors. Multi-sensor static weighing system: fixed load (weighing platform, container, etc.) + variable load (load to be weighed) ≤ the rated load of the selected sensor × the number of sensors equipped × 70%, of which the 70% coefficient takes into account vibration, impact and eccentric load.

The weighing module system of clay sand electronic scale can ensure the accuracy of measurement, good long-term stability, and solve the weighing error caused by improper ingredients.

The weighing system formed after the use of sensors can automatically measure the weighing data, store the computer and manage the weighing data, and the weighing data can be fed back to PLC control in time.

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