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Double Wheel Sand Looser


S32 Double wheel sand looser

S32 series loose sand machine is widely used in the foundry workshop casting (molding sand) sand treatment of small loose sand equipment. The comb steel sheet is used to cast sand at high speed, and the sintered sand block is decomposed and the inclusion is removed, so that the new casting (molding sand) has better aeration performance. It can not only strengthen the effect of sand loosening, but also ensure continuous and uniform sand addition, so as to optimize the quality of products. Reduce reject rate. Reduce labor intensity of workers. Improve working conditions and productivity.

The machine is small in size, light and flexible, economical and practical. It is mainly used for loosening all kinds of clay sand. It can be installed under the unloading port of sand mixing machine or at the unloading place of belt conveyor. It has strong applicability and can be used independently or on the mechanized sand processing line.

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