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Automatic Coated Sand Making Line


Coated sand production line

Detailed description:

Process introduction: The weighed new sand is added to the bucket elevator, and the bucket elevator is added to the sand hopper above the heating furnace. It enters the drum of the heating furnace through the feeding chute and is heated. After the sand reaches the process temperature, the drum is reversed and discharged. . The sand is unloaded into the sand mixer for mixing. During the mixing process, resin, urotropine, aqueous solution, calcium stearate and additives are manually added according to the process regulations, and air blowing, air extraction, water cooling are carried out in a timely manner, and the sand is mixed. After meeting the requirements, it is unloaded into the sand screening machine, screened and cooled, and then bagged for storage.

Process characteristics: This thermal coated sand production line is developed by our company on the basis of advanced process technology and combined with the actual situation, and is constantly updated and improved. The equipment is evenly coated, with good crushing and cooling effect, compact structure, easy operation and convenient maintenance. The labor intensity is low, and the heating method of this production line can use coal, natural gas, and oil. It is your ideal equipment for mixing coated sand.

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