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S6110 Drum Heating Furnace


S6110 Drum Heating Furnace

1. Use and characteristics

This equipment is mainly used for heating new sand in thermal production of coated sand, and can also dry other materials. The main fuel is coal or crushed coke and natural gas.

    When working, the rotating drum is heated by fuel combustion in the furnace; the new sand enters the drum through the feeding chute, and is continuously pushed, lifted and stirred under the action of the scraper, and is carried out with the inner wall of the heated drum and the scraper. Sufficient heat exchange, so that the new sand is quickly and evenly heated. After reaching the temperature, the drum is reversed, and the material is quickly discharged under the action of the lead-out scraper.

The equipment has fast heating speed; no pollution to new sand; wide fuel source and low price; simple machine structure, reliable use and small maintenance; it is a new sand heating equipment with advanced technology, flexible process layout and good comprehensive economic benefits.

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