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Coated Sand Recycling Line


Coated sand thermal regeneration production line is the latest product developed by our factory, with advanced technology, convenient operation and simple maintenance.

Specifications: 2-3t/h. Energy for roasting: coal/natural gas.

Production line equipment and features:

1. The pre-treatment equipment consists of magnetic separation, crushing, screening equipment, elevators and sand buckets, etc. Its function is to process the old sand blocks into small sand groups and single-grain sand grains that are conducive to roasting.

2. Thermal regeneration system

This system is composed of preheater, roaster, cooling bed, etc.

1. Preheater: Use the waste heat of flue gas to heat the old sand before roasting.

2. Roasting furnace: the boiling type is adopted. The flame sprayed by the automatic burner is in direct contact with the boiling used sand, and the used sand is heated above 700 ℃ to burn off or scorch the adhesive film on the surface. The blower for boiling is preheated with air.

3. Cooling bed: using boiling type. The hot sand from the roaster is boiled in a cooling bed to cool the sand and remove the residual binder from the sand grains. The peeled binder is separated from the reclaimed sand by means of suction.

4. The application of this production line greatly reduces the environmental pollution of the enterprise, reduces the cost of production, and solves the problem of stacking of old sand such as shell core sand and environmental pollution.

5. The regenerated sand after the regeneration furnace only needs to burn 65kg of coal per ton of sand, and 2 people can operate it, and the cost per ton of sand is controlled below 60 yuan.

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